Is your team having issues getting to speak directly to key decision makers?

Are you getting lost in inboxes, spam, and the noise of automation?

Let's bring GREAT SALES BACK and get quality transformational communication happening again.

Our research has shown that 7 key principles contribute to a thriving and sustainable sales environment. And at WPG Ltd, our goal is to assist you and your teams in maintaining thriving partnerships, have increased influence in the marketplace, stronger teamwork, greater productivity, empowering customer-centric communications, and a deeper sense of corporate belonging.

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Discover A New And More Effective Way To Hold Yourself And Your Team To Account Without Guilt, Drama, Or Punishment


Wow!!! What an incredible few years. There has been so many new words and experiences which have been added to our lives. The good old days seem so far away. As I write this the world around us is in turmoil. So many things have changed, and a vast amount of our previous assumptions and sureties are being questioned. No more is this true than in the marketplace. Our teams have been redesigned. Our leadership structures and communications are in the process of being restructured. How we manage and are managed, has now brought us new and challenging 21st century dynamics, as we seek to thrive and excel in our chosen fields under diverse circumstances and conditions. 

Building Effective Sales Teams Is Critical To Business Growth

The Challenge Is With How We've Been Taught To Do That

These changes though exciting to some, bring with them issues and frustrations as change for us can be difficult to navigate. Within a sales environment issues often arise from low-morale to a lack of accountability, feeling unsupported, experiencing an inordinate amount of pressure, a lack of direction, having no voice, lack of creative thinking, a lack of engagement, a lack of inclusion, no training, a stagnant culture, a lack of encouragement, a deep sense of futility, and lastly, feeling disconnected from peers and employer. 

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Did You Know?

  • When surveyed, 75% of employees` stress was caused mostly by their immediate bosses or managers?
  • IBM, TELSTRA NZ, and RENAULT strategy are examples of a current focus to increase employee effectiveness with an emphasis on Coaching. Communication and Employee Wellbeing. Resulting in a boost in skills, confidence and employee connectivity.
  • Great sales success is never about the sales person. Nor it is about the product or service. It's about the OTHER PERSON and how their lives have been touched as a result of doing business with you.


The Solution: Stop Holding Them Accountable & Hold Them Capable

This New Approach Changes Everything & Helps Team Members Thrive!

We help SALES LEADERS improve their team's performance by teaching that an intentional focus on doing relationships exceptionally well, is paramount and an essential nucleus to the journey of success. In our extensive research, we discovered that companies that place the well-being and emotional health of their Sales teams at the forefront of their strategy have exponential revenue growth, foster a dynamic and engaging culture, and increase employee loyalty and connectivity.

WPG`s solution is to care more, to pay attention more. For Sales Leaders to be an integral part of the growth of their teams. To invest and engage fully, with a pronounced emphasis on COLLABORATIVE SELLING.              By creating safe places to fail and an incredible  platform to thrive.

About Paul King-Brown

Since 1991, I have had two jobs, an Advertising Sales Director and working for a Charity Organisation. The commonalities of these two professions are that my focus has always been on the needs, desires, and concerns of other people. The wellbeing of others, satisfying their needs, and being a part of their growth has been an environment I love being a part of. As I believe that the quality of our relationships is a critical part of how we perform in the marketplace and society, as the quality of these relationships distinguishes who we are.

The focus and intention of `WPG` is to grow people. As a published author of the relationship book, “Picking Up the Pieces” my wish is for you to excel and for you to be the best version of yourself within your work environment, as well as in your life. As growing is not just a job, but a lifestyle. And in this process of growth, you will excel and be rewarded, as you discover that they are more valuable currencies than just money. Our sales training is a dynamic paradigm shift  that will challenge and improve your sales performance, as you build a sustainable, repeatable platform from which you will propel. We have coined this transformational process, COLLABORATIVE SELLING.

Lastly, I must say that the best part of WPG is that I get the privilege to be in your fan club, to cheer as you thrive. As you will not only impact the marketplace with your skills, knowledge and ethos, but your family and community will greatly benefit from the principles of growth you will be applying to your life with our training.

Liz Robertson


“Paul is great. He teems with knowledge and enthusiasm. He delivers powerful insights together with great tips for practical applications of concepts taught in a way that is both engaging and inspiring.”

ADAM Gillett - 

Co-Founder of FANFINDERS

“Over the past 2 decades I’ve worked for Paul, with Paul and I’ve hired Paul. A fantastic communicator and inspirational speaker, he finds out what you need and delivers it, I can’t recommend him highly enough “

Miroslav Mojzes
Ascentia Consulting

“I’ve had the privilege of working with Paul on many occasions and in many situations.  Always focused and forward-thinking, Paul puts people first.” 

What We Offer:


Where our promise is once you apply the principles of the WPG Formula you will discover a sustainable methodology that will keep your clients forever assured, as they will see you as the go-to expert and guide.

As our aim is for you to feel confident, accomplished, fulfilled, gifted, proficient, and thriving as you serve and collaborate with your clients.

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