As Artificial Intelligence and Automation seeks to dominate our current conversation, we instinctively know that how we relate to each other, how we make people feel, as well as adding value authentically, will always be irreplaceable.

Our research is showing us that in order to generate long-term sustainable revenue streams.                              A concerted focus on better relationships is primary, as a strategy.


When we hear the word, "SALES" the last thing on our minds is, "RELATIONSHIP BUILDING." Yet, if we were to survey peak sales performers we would discover that "RELATIONSHIP BUILDING," not the gift-of the-gab, to be the central, critical component of their successful sales practice, ritual and results. WPG, is obsessed with the impressions we make,  dynamic communication, listening, and excelling in all our relationships. GREAT SALES IS BACK.

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Discover A New And More Effective Way: 


"Great sales success is never about the sales person. Nor it is about the product or service It's about the OTHER PERSON and how their lives have been touched as a result of doing business with you."

                                                                                                                                     Bob Burg

Building Effective Sales Teams Is Critical To Business Growth

The Challenge Is With How We've Been Taught To Do That:

We help SALES LEADERS improve their team's performance by teaching that an intentional focus on doing relationships exceptionally well, is paramount and an essential nucleus to the journey of success. In our extensive research, we discovered that companies that place the well-being, challenges and objectives of their staff and customers at the forefront of their strategy have exponential revenue growth, foster a dynamic and engaging culture, and increase employee and customer loyalty and connectivity.

WPG`s solution is to care more, to pay attention more. For Sales Leaders to be an integral part of the growth of their teams. To invest and engage fully, with a pronounced emphasis on COLLABORATIVE SELLING, EMOTIONAL & SOCIAL INTELLIGENCE, MOTIVATIONAL MAPS AND LASTLY, RELATIONSHIP BUILDING.  Hence, creating safe places to fail, and even more incredible platforms to thrive.


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Focus on Mental Health and Wellbeing:


WPG is a strong proponent of implementing  a culture of caring, compassion, nurturing, and coaching in the workspace. Where once the total focus was on the deal or the transaction at hand. Our staff's wellbeing and mental health are now also to be considered, and treated with kindness. As gone are the callous motives of greed of the past. Our research has shown us that low morale and low productivity are often caused by the feeling of being unsupported, experiencing an inordinate amount of pressure, a lack of direction, having no voice, a lack of encouragement, lack of growth and a deep sense of disconnection from peers and employer. This is a new day. We are listening. People truly matter.

About Paul King-Brown

Since 1991, I have had two jobs, an Advertising Sales Director and working for a Charity Organisation. The commonalities of these two professions are that my focus has always been on the needs, desires, and concerns of other people. The wellbeing of others, satisfying their needs, and being a part of their growth has been an environment I love being a part of. As I believe that the quality of our relationships is a critical part of how we perform in the marketplace and society, as the quality of these relationships distinguishes who we are.

The focus and intention of `WPG` is to grow people. As a published author of the relationship book, “Picking Up the Pieces” my wish is for you to excel and for you to be the best version of yourself within your work environment, as well as in your life. As growing is not just a job, but a lifestyle. And in this process of growth, you will excel and be rewarded, as you discover that they are more valuable currencies than just money. Our sales training is a dynamic paradigm shift  that will challenge and improve your sales performance, as it places "RELATIONSHIP BUILDING" at the focus point of your practice. Giving a sustainable, repeatable and dynamic platform from which you will propel and excel. We have coined this transformational process, COLLABORATIVE RELATIONSHIP SELLING.

Lastly, I must say that the best part of WPG is that I get the privilege to be in your fan club, to cheer as you thrive. As you will not only impact the marketplace with your skills, knowledge and ethos, but your family and community will greatly benefit from the principles of growth you will be applying to your life with our training.

Liz Robertson


“Paul is great. He teems with knowledge and enthusiasm. He delivers powerful insights together with great tips for practical applications of concepts taught in a way that is both engaging and inspiring.”

ADAM Gillett - 

Co-Founder of FANFINDERS

“Over the past 2 decades I’ve worked for Paul, with Paul and I’ve hired Paul. A fantastic communicator and inspirational speaker, he finds out what you need and delivers it, I can’t recommend him highly enough “

Miroslav Mojzes
Ascentia Consulting

“I’ve had the privilege of working with Paul on many occasions and in many situations.  Always focused and forward-thinking, Paul puts people first.” 

What We Offer:


                     Our promise is that throughout the process of working together, we are here for you.                                                                   That your challenges and objectives are our challenges and objectives.                                                               We are here to serve you, and help you accomplish the goals you wish to achieve.                                  And also have some fun along the way. Looking forward to working with you.

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